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The earliest known works of representational art are stone carvings. often marks carved into rock or petroglyphs will survive where painted work will not.

We are one of the few companies in USA that offer stone sculping services, from classical art to modern pieces everything can be manufactured.

Classic countertops

Granite has been used since antiquity. since then the granite has been the crown and beauty of each building, as such the beauty of nature is the final piece of any home. For that reason any home with a classic style needs the simplicity and BEAUTY of granite.

Classic style of natural stone includes: Granite, Marble, limestone and others. The colors and the type of finish should also be considered, when it is a classic style simplicity is the standard of design. And we always encourage our costumer to bring their own ideas, to make every project as original as every client.

Modern countertops

Like the classic style, the modern style has its own beauty. being the 21st century every day new products enter the market. Stone is not an exception. New materials and new technologies mark the day to day.

Modern style brings to our lives a clean and technological LOOK , from the use of engineering stone to the use of glass. being a very demanding style the detail and the precision are obligatory. for that reason, experience and originality determine the quality of this art.

Custom countertops

As a company with a lot of history we are proud to work with unique materials such as agates, fossilized wood, quartz, SOAP STONE.

Seeking to include art in our unique projects, we EXPLORE NEW AND ORIGINAL IDEAS in order to create something special.

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