Our machinery

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Stone Saws

As a custom natural stone company we have the equipment to produce any project. Having that in account we have the machines to take raw material and turn in into any desired piece.

Saws are the very Basic toolS to work natural stone, that is why we are proud to have the machinery TO TURN RAW IN TO ART.

Computerized Spider Saw

The spider saw is a computerized automatic 4 AXIS stone saw. By taking digitized files and input them as cad toolpaths we can do fast and precise cutting of any project even heavy detailed ones.

 This machine is very precise as such is being used for modern stile countertops. This machine can produce very fine mitered edges, used in the build of solid looking stone products.


A Waterjet is a computerized 4 axis abrasive cutting machine, by mixing water with garnet, and hight presurizing that mix to 60K PSI, is capable to cut almost anything.

Using 2D cad files the machine can cut any shape, be it square, round or ARC. from stone to metal we can all type of products and materials.


Natural stone is been used to build for a time, as such stone columns are the foundation of many ancient buildings. This particular machine can take any stone and turn in into an spherical shape.

We can provide for our clients, column, vases, pots, sinks, and other cylindrical application. The machine reads 2D cad profiles, any shape can be accomplished you can bring your own designs and we can work together to get the desired product.

Surface Polisher

The beauty of stone comes to life thanks to the process of polishing, bringing not only the shine but also the color that we love so much from natural stone. Since some of our we start Them from raw material we need to bring the stone to a high polish surface.

That is when this machine comes in play, by using different tools we can bring the stone to a very high polish finish. All of this order to maximize the natural of every type of stone.

Edge Profiling

Very important part of stone works is to turn the raw edges of the material in to something just as beautiful as the stone itself. In order to offer a wide variety of styles in edge profiles, we have different machines, not just in thickness but also in shape we can produce any desired edge profile.

Since we also offer countertops we have machinery to produce all the classical edge profiles: Flat polish, Waterfall, Bevel, Demi Bullnose, Full Bullnose and others.

3D Printing / 3D Scan

Being able to see your product before is being produced is an extra warranty to make sure it is exactly what you envision. 3D printing can delivery this idea, we use 3d models to bring life to any dream, and 3D printing is the perfect way to have a better view the final product.

We also offer the service of 3D scan to reproduce any existing pieces or any surface, using a 3D program we can prepare sculping models of the scanned product.

7 Axis Robotic ARM

We take pride in our custom work. For that we like to be able to deliver all our clients expect. This machine do exactly that, by using a 3D computerized model, this machine can produce any project. in order to work with stone this machine has been specially adadtep to use all type of milling tools. Cutting, Griding, Milling and Polishing this machine can delivery any cubic and art work.

By an automatic protocol the robot can work with any material: Granite, Marble, Limestone. The robot have a very high accuracy making sure to deliver what is been programed.

Do you have any questions?

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