Cubik and art work

The earliest known works of representational art are stone carvings. often marks carved into rock or petroglyphs will survive where painted work will not.

We are one of the few companies in USA that offer stone sculping services, from classical art to modern pieces everything can be manufactured.

We specialize in the use of limestone which we receive from different quarries all across USA.

We also work with marble and granite. From statues to vases or stone columns; we have the equipment and experience to produce anything our clients request.

We also offer to reproduce any existing pieces of art to perfection by 3D scanning the actual project. We have a very large inventory, be it statues, art work, fountains, vases and much more, you may fine something you like. Art just like people don’t have a template, as such every project have its own taste and value. Bring your ideas and we can work together to bring them to reality.